Integral Aerospace, LLC is an Independent company with a legacy dating back to the late 1950s, Integral Aerospace emerged from industry-leading names such as GE Aviation and Smiths Aerospace. 

Our capabilities are broad, and encompass the design and manufacture of landing gear and actuation systems and components, carbon fiber wound external fuel tanks, fuel boost pumps and a host of specialty machined structures and components for aircraft and aircraft engines.

Our more than five decades of experience has allowed us to design, manufacture, integrate and to test flight-critical products for civil and military aircraft, fixed-wing and rotary, both manned and unmanned, for a host of platforms including the F/A-18, H 60 Blackhawk Family, X-47B, Predator-C, T-38 trainer and C-130 as well as for a number of jet engines.

Our breadth of processes and platform knowledge has garnered a reputation as the go-to  manufacturer for complex, hard to machine components and structures involving a broad range of materials, including carbon fiber, high-strength steel, aluminum, titanium, Inconel and other specialty alloys. 


Our 275,000+ sq ft manufacturing site, located in the heart of Southern California’s aerospace hub, produces and services a wide variety of high-quality components for aircraft structures, landing gear, fuel pumps and external fuel tanks for both civil and military applications.

Executive TEAM

John Alves


Bryan McLean

VP BD & Programs

Michael Smith

VP Operations

Jason Kearney


Mark Manion

Director HR

Joe Fata

Director Engineering


(adj.): “Something that is integral is very important or necessary.”