Integral Aerospace’s technical expertise began in 1959 as Royal Industries, Inc. commencing over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence for a wide variety of aerospace customers – both military and commercial.

We design, manufacture, integrate, and test flight-critical products for civil and military aircraft, fixed-wing and rotary. Our capabilities are broad encompassing the design and manufacture of landing gear and actuation systems, flight safety components, carbon fiber filament wound external fuel tanks and pressurized vessels, fuel and hydraulic boost pumps, and a host of specialty machined structures and complex components for aircraft and aircraft engines.

The Integral Aerospace engineering teams solve our customer’s most complex technical challenges from requirements definition, conceptual design and detail design, rapid prototyping and all the way through testing and validation. All technical activities are performed in compliance with our customer and regulatory requirements ensuring and reflecting the highest quality, reliability and performance.

We use the latest in computer aided design tools (such as CATIA, NX and CREO) to interface with our customer’s design and configuration needs. Our engineering teams ensure the product’s performance has been validated by analysis encompassing strength, performance, fatigue and finite element analysis whether your solution involves metal fabrication, composite materials, a hybrid of both or exotic materials. Our test facilities can accommodate a wide variety of landing gear structural and systems integration tests from acceptance testing through FAA certification or stringent military program qualification. We also perform structural and performance tests on hydraulic components, fuel system components and aircraft structural parts.

Our manufacturing engineers and production staff utilize the latest in filament winding equipment to produce a wide range of external fuel tanks of varying capacities, including 330 gallon, 480 gallon and 650 gallon.  We are one of the few domestic and international producers of carbon fiber filament wound fuel tanks. Our materials specialists are constantly investigating the dynamic landscape of composite materials and  manufacturing techniques to improve our processes.

As an AS9100 approved manufacturing facility, Integral Aerospace, maintains the highest standards of manufacturing excellence.

Key Capabilities include:

Landing Gear Components & Assemblies

Integral Aerospace has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing hard metal landing gear components and assemblies. We manufacture landing gear components for large commercial and business jet programs. We also manufacture landing gear, actuators and components for military fixed wing and rotary platforms. 

Our landing gear capabilities include: 
• CNC Milling – both horizontal and vertical, up to 60 feet long
• CNC Turning – including CNC Gab turning with up to 120 inches of swing
• Grinding – both CNC and manual, ID and OD
• Gun-drilling – up to 6 inches in diameter by 10 feet long
• Honing – both horizontal and vertical Assembly
• Electrical and hydraulic testing
• Full qualification

Fuel Tanks

Integral Aerospace is the leader in military aircraft fuel tank design and manufacture with over thirty years of experience and over 250,000 metal and carbon fiber filament-wound fuel tanks delivered to U.S. and U.S.-Allied military forces.

Integral Aerospace maintains on-site fuel tank functional test capability and equipment, including pressure fueling, de-fueling, proof-pressure, static load, and slosh and vibration testing. Fuel testing schedule commitments are ensured by duplicate functional testing stands supported by a large 3,000-gallon jet fuel reservoir. Fulfillment of customer specifications and expectations is assured through Integral Aerospace’s complete non-destructive test capabilities, which include X-ray and liquid penetrant inspection and advanced, computer-controlled coordinate measuring machines for inspection and assurance of critical fuel tank internal component accuracy.

Assembly-Hydraulic & Mechanical

Integral Aerospace has been manufacturing hydraulic and mechanical assemblies for over thirty years. Our experience includes manufacturing shock struts, slat drives, actuators, and sheet metal assemblies. We have the full range of machining capabilities including: 

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly
  • Hydraulic (Skydrol and Red Oil) and Mechanical Testing
  • Painting

Our capabilities allow us to handle the most critical assemblies.

Titanium, High-Strength Steel, Ferrium, Aermet, Inconel, Aluminum and Composite Machining

Integral Aerospace has extensive capabilities and experience in machining various materials made from both plate and forgings. We machine components for essentially all the major commercial and military programs.  Our machining capabilities include:  

  • 3, 4, 5 axis Horizontal Vertical 
  • Milling Machines 
  • Mill-Turning Machines
  • 3 & 5 Axis Gantry Milling Machines 
  • CNC Lathes 
  • OD/ID Grinding  
  • Gun Drilling 
  • Vertical Horizontal Honing 
  • Gap Lathes

In addition, we have state of the art certified CMM measuring equipment. We have CATIA, Autocad, NCL and Unigraphics programming systems, enabling us to utilize the best system of working with specific customer-supplied data.


We have state of the art welding equipment. Our equipment is capable of large and small assembly welding and long seam welding including Tig & Mig. Our welding is supported through state of the art digital X-ray equipment.


Integral Aerospace is vertically integrated to manufacture its own tooling to support its products and programs which require machining, assembly and test, to include carbon filament fiber and composite assemblies.


Integral Aerospace has a long history of supporting the space industry. Our past programs included Apollo, Atlas, Delta, Gemini II, Pegasus, Saturn, Starbird and Titan rockets. We manufactured array of complex cryogenic disconnect valves, butterfly, relief, tank pressurizations and check valves, pneumatic disconnects, and regulators. 

Repair & Overhaul

Integral Aerospace is a certified Federal Aviation Administration, FAR 145 Repair Station. We have PMA approvals for various aircraft components. 

Our Repair and Overhaul is a state-of-the-art facility is capable of evaluating and responding to our customer requirements. 

In addition to our commercial aerospace customers, we provide full overhaul repair and test for our military customers. 

We provide life cycle support for our manufactured products.


Integral Aerospace supports major engine manufacturers with machined components. We provide high tolerance machined and fabricated complex engine components and manufacturing solutions to the major turbine manufacturers for commercial and military engines. Working to AS9100 standards, we deliver complex machined components to the highest quality standards for our customers using high temperature titanium, inconel, stainless steels, and other alloy materials.

Project Management

Our project management teams are comprised of program managers, design engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality engineering, and operation support teams.  

Our IPT teams support our customers and products following project management principles.

Mill turn & Hone machines

Flex Cell Equipment

Machining equipment


(adj.): “Something that is integral is very important or necessary.”